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I am an architect with a passion for technology.

In the design process, I use all the latest techniques now available to architects; 3D-modelling, BIM-processes, and programming. When creating objects, I look for new industrial standards, such as robotic fabrication and 3D-printing. Through technology,  I try to look for a different kind of architecture.

I graduated from the Architectural Association - EmTech studio, and worked for the internationally renowned offices of Stéphane Beel and Ney+Partners. Here, I specialised in complex geometry for both large-scale public infrastructures and smaller private projects.

I am also a lecturer in computational design at the university of Ghent, where I direct research into interactivity and the use of artificial intelligence in design. Beyond that, I organize workshops (in Belgium, London, and South-East-Asia), and I contribute critical texts for books and magazines on architecture.

Sebastiaan Leenknegt

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