Aeolic Folding

with Julia Koerner, Chung-Feng Liu, and Suraj Suthar, 2012
with sincere thanks to Mike Weinstock, George Jeronimidis, Evan Greenberg and Mehran Gharlegi

This project proposes a building system that actively responds to changing weather situations without any need for electronics and/or engines.
It starts of with a simple folding component, made of sheet material, that closes with a simple 30°-rotation. By the addition of ‘flaps’, it is made to catch wind from two sides. Perpendicular wind above a certain speed will close the component, while strong parallel wind will open it up again.
A variety of components, different in size and tapering, are then combined to form walls. As different components close at different windspeeds, parts of the wall will open and close at different times. The final pavillion’s organisation induces an acceleration of wind ghusts in between the walls through the Bernouilli effect. At the same time the sculpted floor offers some protected ‘seating pits’.