Alpha Beta

developed after ideas emerging from sessions with my students Esther Dysselinck and Emiel Govaert

Alpha Beta is a theoretical sculpture that investigates the hidden links between random text and recursive space.

A simple letter "A" is transformed by a "turtle"-script into ever longer strings of A's, B's, C's, and so on. For every starting symbol, there are eight replacement symbols at every step (A-> ABCBCADA, B-> BCAEACAB, etc.) ; making the string eight times larger after every iteration. In parallel, a massive cube is cut into eight smaller cubes, who themselves are again cut into eight smaller cubes, and so on.

Finally, after about five iterations, the enormous string meets the colossal geometry. Symbols are given to the individual cubes, and these come to stand for walls, floors, and ceilings. An intricate network of colours and planes emerges, subtly balancing on the verge of repeating order and intriguing chaos.

Available as print 50x30 on demand