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Peter Kogler @ ING Art Center

Peter Kogler @ ING Art Center

Welcome to my new blog! Here, you'll find all my thoughts on computer-driven design, digital fabrication, interactivity, weird 1970's space age architecture, and of course Brussels! I'll start the blog with a simple post; a triple recommendation to come and visit Bxl, still the number one hellhole in the world.

First reason for your visit: up till the 29th of June, there's an exhibition on Peter Kogler in the ING Art Center. The Art Center is a small but nice gallery, obviously owned by the bank, on Place Royale. When you walk up from Mont des Arts or Bozar, the entrance is just on the right side of the stairs to the church Saint-Jacques-sur-Coudenberg. Peter Kogler is a viennese new media artist who broke through at the end of the '80's with space-filling, computer-generated murals. The drawings are made for their specific context, and they warp, bend, twist, and transform that context completely. Besides the murals, you will also find some frame-based works, a few design objects, and, not to forget, some pretty overwhelming video projections. The whole is soaked in a very pleasing late eighties' aesthetic, with grafitti-like colors, old-school computer shapes, and some disturbing themes like rats, ants, and skulls. In the basement, there's a video installation made of interviews with contemporary artists. Outside of the Center, try to see the projection on the ING's Marnix Building (by architects SOM/Gordon Bunshaft) during the night.

Second reason; at IMAL, the Center for Digital Cultures and Technology at Molenbeek canal, there's a small exhibition showing Memory Lane by Félix Luque and Inigo Bilbao. IMAL remains one of my favourite places and institutions for experimental digital art. A few years ago, I actually had the chance of meeting Félix Luque whilst I was attending a workshop there. Luque tends to make near-scientific lab experiments that delve into large themes of reminiscence, sub-conscientiousness, etc. The technical mastery of his work is just phenomenal. I would recommend to make your visit alone or in a small group; I was there at the opening, and the large crowd wasn't very good for the works' atmosphere.

Third reason; whilst you're at the canal, you should go and have a drink at Le Phare du Canal, a really nice new bar/co-working space. Not only does the bar have a good selection of local beers, you will also find a display of photographic work by my good friend Eliza Sys. It's a selection of shots she took during her many travels around the world, each with its' own story behind it.

Lastly, if you still have some energy left; take tram 51 and come find me at Saint-Gilles for a coffee and some chatter!