Breathing Networks

AA EmTech Dissertation with Aarathi Muralidharan and Lei Lu, 2012-2013, London
with sincere thanks to Mike Weinstock, George Jeronimidis, Evan Greenberg and Mehran Gharlegi

This research is part of the Breathing Aggregations work. The goal is to create a network of pathways throughout a hyper-complex neighbourhood. The used method consists of four steps:
1) Space recognition algorithms  find suitable waypoints on two levels (ground and intermediate).
2) Upper and lower waypoints are connected by cutting 'light wells' through the buildings.
3) Agent-based flocking algorithms generate both upper and lower network, finding a middle ground between obstacle avoidance and path length.
4) The thus found upper network is materialised through sky bridges, while the lower network is dug into the landscape

The resulting topology is evaluated using Space Syntax, and its spatial qualities investigated through visualisations.